Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Own Folk Art Artist ~ Sue Poff

As many of you already know, our Primitive Dolls, Make-do's, Santa's, Stitched Needfuls, & etc. are handcrafted by my Mom, Sue Poff. Although humble, she's a very talented artist & I wanted to share with you this special order she created for a local yarn shop. I think he's absolutely awesome & primmed to perfection!

This sheep, fondly nicknamed "Crow" by Susan Mullins, owner of The Ball & Skein in Germantown, Ohio, is resting on a piece of salvaged barn wood and comfortably nestled in a patch of moss.

"Crow" has a reclaimed "gate weight" attached to his handcrafted chain so he cannot wonder far...adorned in yummy hand-sheared, cleaned & sterilzed wool, homegrown right here in Germantown by a local farmer! Perched on his bottom is a very primitive, grungy "crow"; behind him, filled to the brim with wool, is a grungy bag of muslin, handstiched "Ball and Skein". Sue would like to give a special "Thanks" to Becky.

Similar in style, we currently have in stock a black sheep and a white sheep. If you're a sheep collector, you'll flip over these! Stop in to see her other creations ~ Mammies, Primitive Ticking Stars, Old Glory Dolls, American Eagles, etc. Too many to list! New creations in the works!! The next time you're in, be sure to say "Hello" to Susan & "Crow" at The Ball & Skein, located directly behind us in my old location, the original Jailhouse!


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