Sunday, January 4, 2009

I'm back to work!!!

Well...I figure the holidays are over & it's time for me to get back to work! And that I've done (if you can call it work)! Some of you may have been wondering why I wasn't open between Christmas & the New Year...Hubby & I took a road trip treasure hunting of my favorite things in the WORLD to do!!! Happened across some great stuff near Amish Country! What beautiful countryside! By the time we got done, we couldn't fit another thing in the truck!!!

We found 3 double wash tubs, yes I said "3"! These are sooo great for storage, which is what I do with mine. They also make great outdoor beverage coolers for those summer time parties fast approaching! Picked up an awesome piece of schoolhouse slate, it's 3/8" thick and 3' x 5'!! Georgeous! How fun would this be to hang in a main room, like a kitchen, to leave family notes or a message..."Soup Beans & Corn Cakes Special ~ Shoo-Fly Pie" or whatever!!! Got a great crock type pie plate! Some feed sacks, remember these not only make great decor hanging from a peg rack or square-headed nail, but they also look great as curtains! Two wooden mashers, 1 metal masher, antique cookie cutters, several crocks, lanterns, an antique (very primitive) rake, 2 very old, small black screen doors & some really neat boat oars! Too much to mention, so stop in Wed - Sat to check it out!!

Happy New Year!



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