Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Spring!

I've been anxiously waiting this day to arrive as I know many of you have as the new growth peeks above the ground's surface to wish us all "Happy Spring"'s such a long-awaited, beautiful sign! One of my favorite times of the year...digging in the dirt & planting something new to my garden! I adore the picture was taken several years ago by Obscura Photography (a local studio her in Germantown)...they would often stop by the shop to see what new props I had for them...I miss that...this picture includes some items they bought from me for their Spring specials that year! Cute as it can be!

Speaking of cute! Here's a pic of me & my girl before her Spring Dance this year! I don't normally share personal family photos...but, we had such a special time! Yes, only in middle school & already looking DOWN upon Mom (even with Mom in HEALS)!

Here's the whole gang...Mom's & sisters included! My friend Reva & I (two Mom's in the middle) took the "gang" to Lone Star for dinner before the dance...they had a blast...we did too! I can't give all the details (she would shoot me)...but we did a fine job of embarrassing them! What else are Mom's for?

These kids have known each other since before kindergarden...but they all act like the other has CUDIES! LOL


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