Saturday, August 25, 2007

I have to share this one! As many of you know, my Mom is our "doll-maker"! Well...we have a new friend & neighbor who recently opened a yarn shop in our old location (the original Jailhouse), she holds knitting classes on Tuesday evenings ("Knit Nite"), spins her own wool & who knows what else! She asked my Mom to make her a special sheep for her shop, and....OMG!!!...can you believe what she came up with! I am so in love with this sheep! I think it's the best one she's ever done! She used Susan's wool, which she gets from local farmers, salvaged an old cast iron ball from the shop (hope you can see it) and chained it to the sheep! Sitting next to it is an old bag of fresh wool just bubbling out the top! The bag has "Ball and Skein" hand sewn on it (which is the name of her shop!) and the best touch of all....(but hard to see in this photo), there's a crow on it's behind representing her husband cause his nickname is "Crow"! This sheep makes me crazy, my mom crazy & now Susan is crazy! What talent! If you get a chance stop in her new shop (behind me) & take a look, you won't believe your eyes!!!!!! Don't forget to stop by our shop too & pick up your own incredible handmade!! Hurry, they don't last long with this amazing talent behind them!


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