Saturday, April 11, 2009

~fReNzY fRiDaY~

I went into a complete frenzy yesterday...signs, signs, signs! I was just in one of those creative & inspired moods...ever get in one of those moods to make don't know just idea after the just can't move fast enough? That was me yesterday! I had such a blast! I felt like I'd lost 50 lbs! CRAZY isn't it? This is my favorite one of all!!!! I had an elderly customer come in a couple of weeks ago & mention this saying about going to the Outhouse.."A Pump & A Path"! I thought that would make the perfect sign!!!! What do ya think? I love how it looks leaning against the pump outside!Here's an "Antiques" sign I finished. "Country Ways" the idea from Dawn at Holly Hills Primitives! LOVE it! Thanks!This one makes me think of an amusement park ride...just seemed festive!I LOVE this one too! Great garden or fence sign!
I made a ton of these little guys for Christmas last year...they sell like candy! They're fun to make & a great little pick up! Just mini signs you could hang anywhere around your house, in or out, from a shutter slate!

Sooooo...that's a sneak peak at what I was up to on Friday! Had several other projects going on too, maybe I can get some pics out in another post! It was a great day at the shop today, not to mention a beautiful Spring day, which never hurts business!

I almost grubby silicone lights arrived last week! Woooo Hooo! LOVE'EM! You're gonna too! I have 20 count brown cord (rice & regular) & 10 count brown cord, as well as some standard replacement bulbs! They're the grubby-est! The Olde Primitive House really does a wonderful job with these! If you haven't seen these, or need new ones, stop in for a set! They give off a soft, warm glow! Yummy! All I need is a Scentsible Scents candle burning & soft lighting & I'm as happy as a pig in slop!
Happy Easter! Missie :)


Granny said...

I love all the pictures but like the sign for the outhouse best. I lived in a house with no electricity or running water until I was 13. Then we moved to a house that had an old fashioned pitcher pump in the kitchen. Still no bathroom but my mom was so happy you'd have thought we had all the modern conveniences. I'll be ordering some of your grubby candles soon.

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