Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Everyday Cheapskate!

Helpful hints I ran across on the Everyday Cheapskate Website!

  • Hand sanitizer with 60 percent ethyl alcohol will remove pen and permanent marker ink from skin! This is a cheap and easy solution for removing ink from skin. As a bonus, it also kills germs. Great idea now that school is back in session!!!!

  • Here's a way to put your cell phone to good use: create an entry named "License Plate" in your contact list. Enter your license plate number and you will have that information at your fingertips. This is great info to have at hotel check in, or in the unfortunate event that your car gets stolen. Having that entry could be the difference between a quick recovery and a never-ending hassle.

  • Use an old golf bag to store my brooms and mops. Its deep pockets hold dust rags and a dust buster, and you can hook a spray bottle on the top edge. The bag makes a handy cleaning caddy and it stands easily in the corner out of the way!

  • Never use expensive commercial septic cleaner. Septic system installers recommend flushing three packets of yeast down a toilet once a month to keep the septic in great condition. Yeast is the key ingredient in the commercial solution. Buy the cheapest three-pack of yeast you can find (quick-rise or regular) and flush it down one toilet every month.

Have a great day!


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