Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well....Fall is arriving I thought I'd get a few Spring/Summer pics in I've been meaning to post!
This is a picture of the lil' mini pond we put in last Spring next to our patio. I love it! The sound of trickling water is soooo relaxing! We put in some lil' gold fish & planted some flowers around it! It was really a fun project!

This is a picture of our "Moon Plant" or "Angel's Trumpet"! It's sooo beautiful & a lot of fun to watch! There are only pods in the morning...then, as the afternoon goes along...they begin to expand! By evening they are nearly can watch them grow through out the day!

Then when the sun goes down, just at dusk...they open! You can literally watch them blooming throughout the day! It's the most intreguing plant I've ever had in my garden. We planted it next to the pond, so I find it hard to get anything done once I'm out there...between this flower & the pond! Geez!

Although our yard is in town & Sunflowers did awesome this year! Love the color!

This is my "Gate Prop" on the patio! Looks like someone needs to do some weeding & stop listening to the pond & watching that Moon Plant! This is the first shop sign I made when I was at my first store! I drug it home & found a place in my garden for it~nestled with the tomatoe plants on an old wheelbarrow!

My fern on the porch got HUGE this summer! I LOVE ferns!
Can you believe no one bought this in my liquidation sale!!!!! I drug this beauty home, hung it on the porch & put watering cans on every hook I could find!!!
A view from outside the porch!

Well...that's all for now! Hope you have a blessed day!


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