Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Where have you been?

Seems I've dropped off the face of the Earth! Not true! LOL

I've had lots of folks wondering what I've been up to...well...here's some idea! BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!!!! Closing the shop was quite an ordeal! Just liquidating merchandise was a long process, then it was off to prepare the house for a rental once again! That entailed painting, cleaning, installing a shower stall, yard work, installing a hot water heater & so on & so on! Seemed it took forever since it was already rented prior to liquidating the merchandise!!! Whew...after we got that finished the new renters moved in...OMG...what a nightmare! Literally! After moving out in the middle of the night (only being there for 5 weeks!) they totally destroyed the place! Seriously...they're kids colored on the walls, they never hooked up their dryer vent to the outside exhaust, left an overwhelming amount of GARBAGE throughout the entire house, left furniture, dirty diapers on the floor, milk on the walls, spills in the hall, half eaten boiled eggs on the floor....I'm really NOT joking! I was in tears! Months of hard work for a spotless, "move-in ready" home for a family...down the drain! I truely could not believe someone would not have any more pride in themselves than that. Such a mess. We have now gotten that cleaned up AGAIN...and it is rented once more. I'm very excited about our new renter and certain we won't have to deal with this again for quite some time! I'll reveal who will be moving in in March! I think you'll all be as excited as I am!

Between all of that...we celebrated Christmas (which was wonderful & prim as usual...I think I gained 30 lbs from all the baking I did!), DH graduated from his HVAC program & found employment (wooo-hooo), I caught up on my deep cleaning & organization (so badly needed), closed the books to the shop (what a relief to have that behind me..yeah!) & have been enjoying the kids on all these snow days we've been having! Holy Cow have we had some snow this winter! Man am I grateful for 4 wheel drive! I would have been stir-crazy! LOL

NOW....I'm helping my sister with her cleaning business! Check out her blog broom-n-bucketcleaning.blogspot.com! I've also added a short note in a gadget if you want to take a peek! We've been steady at it & business is good! There are a few days still available if any of you gals need a hand! Gaps are slowly filling in though...give us a call if you need some help with Spring cleaning, graduation parties, etc. Mention you saw her on my blog & receive ONE HOUR OF FREE CLEANING SERVICES!!!

Hope everyone's holidays have been blessed! Mine sure have! I'll be posting more often now that I'm somewhat caught up around here! Take care prim pals! Til next time....Many blessings, Missie


Andrea said...

Hey! Great to hear what you've been up to!

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